The presentation of the results of the research on RA Constitutional reform


The presentation of the results of quantative research on RA Constitutional reforms.

Positions: East or West? Public Survey Findings


In 2014 APR Group NGO has conducted research to find out the position of RA population regarding the membership in international organisations. The research has been conducted through survey among adult population throughout Armenia.

Presentation of results of quantitative survey on RA Constitutional amendment


APR Group NGO has conducted qualitative and quantitative research on RA Constitutional Reforms.

Report on research on RA Constitutional Reforms


In April 2014 APR Group NGO launched “Increasing the role of the civil society in political processes of Armenia” project with the support by EED.

Recommendations on the Concept of Constitutional Reforms of RA


“Advanced Public Research” Group (APR Group) NGO has conducted qualitative and quantitative research within the framework of “Increasing the Role of the Civil Society in Political Processes of Armenia” project.

Improving voter list RA


voting4The report was prepared based on the analysis of study results implemented within the framework of “2013 Presidential Elections: Improving Voter Lists” project.

Handbook on “Labor Rights: Questions and Answers”


Handbook page1The main goal of the Handbook was to support to the increase of RA citizen/employee awareness of their labor rights through development of a guidebook on labor rights and their protection and introducing main labor rights thus increasing employees’ motivation in protecting their own rights.

Research result on "Armenian Trade Unions: Problems, Challenges and Needs"


Pages from report  tu needs fes en 08-02-2011The research was carried out by “Free Public” Law-Protective Youth NGO / APR Group, which was aiming at identifying the problems, challenges and needs of Armenian TUs.

Labour Market and Social Dialogue in the Republic of Armenia


Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Armenia, like many other post-Soviet republics, had to embark upon the difficult path of the construction of a new state system with the transition from one political regime to another having an impact upon the socioeconomic system.

Awareness on the Role of Labor Rights and Trade Unions among Armenian Youth


IMG 0157This research on the awareness on the role of labor rights and trade unions among Armenian youth was carried out by the APR Group Department of the “Free Public” Law-Protective Youth NGO with financial support from the OSCE Office in Yerevan.