Collective Labor Rights Protection Mechanisms in Armenia




In September 2018 “Advanced Public Research Group” NGO (APR Group) launched “Supporting to mechanisms for collective protection of labor rights” project in Armenia with the financial support by
the US Department of State.

The goal of the project is to promote trade union movement in Armenia as a mechanism of collective labor rights protection.

Within the framework of the project a research on existing issues and challenges in the field of collective labor rights protection was conducted to identify gaps in legislation and enforcement practice, as well as find solutions to the establishment of effective Trade Union system.

During the project a legal analysis of the current legislative framework was carried out. Additionally, the project initiated in-depth interviews with experts and stakeholders involved in this sector followed by the sociological analysis of data received through interviews. During the research the project established cooperation with the Confederation of Trade Unions, Branch Trade Unions, primary Trade Union organizations, Republican union of employers of Armenia, National Assembly, newly established Trade Unions, initiative groups, representatives of human rights NGOs, including lawyers/advocates.

This report presents collective labor rights protection mechanisms, including results of legal and sociological analysis. A separate focus was paid to Trade Union issues and main tools applied by them – collective negotiations and strikes.

The research also revealed existing gaps in the field of collective labor rights protection and main solution recommendations presented by respondents.

The research report can be downloaded here.