Results of Survey on Media Consumption and Media Literacy


media coverage

media coverage

In June 2019, Advanced Public Research Group NGO (hereinafter APR Group) conducted a sociological survey in all the regions of Armenia and in Yerevan within the framework of the sub-grant provided by the Union of Informed Citizens NGO.

The research study examined the main sources of information for the population, and their trust in them. There was a separate focus on how people use the information received from the television, radio, newspapers, the Internet (including social networks and online media), to what extent they trust it, and how people disseminate and check the information they receive. Moreover, all these data were considered not only by social, sex and age and other groups but also by people’s political views in order to understand whether media literacy has any relation to political views.

The research report can be read in full here (in Armenian), and the summary can be found here.