"Infertility Prevalence among the Population in Armenia" research report


Infertility Prevalence

Infertility Prevalence
During 2021, the "Advanced Public Research Group" NGO, with the financial support of the United Nations Population Fund, implemented the program "Implementation of sample surveys of households on the prevalence of infertility among the population of Armenia".

Within the framework of the project, 3,000 quantitative interviews were conducted with women and men of reproductive age in all regions of the Republic of Armenia and in the city of Yerevan.

In order to characterize the prevalence of infertility, the groups of respondents who are considered infertile, fertile and presumed fertile, as well as those with unknown fertility status, were distinguished. This report summarizes the description of the groups according to socio-demographic indicators, lifestyle conditions and a number of indicators characterizing the health status. The report also presents a number of proposals that need to be considered when taking steps towards reforms in the sector and developing policies.

The report summarizing the methodology and results of the study can be downloaded HERE (in Armenian).