Positions: to the North or West? 2014-2017, 2019 and 2021


Chart-EU-EAEU 2021

Chart-EU-EAEU 2021

In October 2021 Helsinki Citizen Assembly Vanadzor office with engagement of “Advanced Public Research” (APR) group NGO conducte a sociological survey throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia (in capital Yerevan and all regions).

One of the objectives of the research was to identify public positions on international structures – European structures (European Union) and Eurasian Economic Union (EaEU) – in other words RA population preferences on the orientation of the Republic of Armenia towards North or West.

Views of respondents regarding desirable membership of RA to international structures has the following picture: 34% thinks that the Republic of Armenia should member European Structures (European Union), 15% - Eurasian Economic Union (EaEU), 27% - bothe European Union and EaEU and 11% was against of membership of the Republic of Armenia to any of mentioned structures. For 13% it was difficult to answer this question.

The research findings can be downloaded HERE.