Decent Work Now!


Decent Work Now

Decent Work Now
In February 2021 “Decent Work Now!” project was launched with funding by the European Union (EU). The project is implemented in consortium with “Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor”, “Transparency International Anticorruption Center” and “Factor” Information Center.

Within the framework of the project “Advanced Public Research (APR) Group” NGO is conducting a baseline study on the state of labor rights. The study is implemented using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. The study sample includes the population of all marzes and capital Yerevan according to their proportions.

Interviews are done using computer software – CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing). APR will utilize CAPI system which allows data collection through tablets.

Quantitative survey will be followed by qualitative interviews with sectorial experts, as well as employers.

The study results will be analyzed and summarized in the final report.